RHA Support for a Custodial Sentences

Road Hauliers Association

Recently a driver was jailed after falsifying his hours records 79 times. The RHA chief executive Geoff Dunning expressed his support for the custodial sentence of eight months handed to the truck driver who pleaded guilty to 79 offenses of creating false driving hours records.

Ipswich Crown Court had heard from VOSA that Jasvinder Arora, from Feltham, driving for Ocean Xpress Logistics, had driven for 24 hours without taking proper rest. VOSA had already warned the driver.

RHA Policy for “Safer operation and fairer competition in road haulage”

The RHA had previously called for mandatory prison sentences for those found guilty of falsifying their tachograph records as part of a broader compliance strategy paper, Safer operation and fairer competition in road haulage:

» Download 2012 RHA.Policy Document (PDF)

» More about the Working Time Directive (Drivers Hours)

Safe Vehicle Loading Matrix

Load Security Enforcement Matrix
View the Load Security Enforcement Matrix

VOSA have been working with the Health & Safety Executive to improve training for roadside staff (VOSA), in terms of vehicle load security. This means that VOSA will now be using a Load Security Enforcement Matrix, to help decide if a vehicle load is secure or not. The matrix will give guidance on any enforcement action to take dependent on several factors. These factors are briefly:

  • Load type
  • Load dimension
  • Vehicle type
  • Securing method

These factors will be used to determine what, if any sanctions will be taken and will range from an advisory to an outright prohibition. Any prohibitions will also affect an operators OCRS score.

VOSA have stressed that operators should pay particular attention to curtain sided vehicles. Their advice is that curtain sides should not be seen as a load restraint system and additional security devices should be employed to secure the load.

Although VOSA will be looking at load security in detail, they will not routinely be looking into vehicles and trailers. They go on to say that sanctions will only be taken where there is evidence of a clear danger.

Drivers must be supplied with the correct types of load securing device to ensure that there is no danger to other road users or the public at large. This will also help to protect your operators licence and ultimately your business.

Important Changes to Vocational Licences

DVLA Form D4 Medical ExaminationThe rules for lorry and bus driving licences will change from 19 January 2013.
Licences issued from this date will be valid for five years, up to age 65.
New drivers passing a driving test from 19 January 2013.

If you pass your driving test in categories C, CE, C1, C1E, D, DE, D1 or D1E, after 19 January 2013 you’ll receive a licence valid for five years.

Every five years up to age 45, you’ll need to sign a declaration to confirm that you still meet the medical standards. After age 45, you’ll need to provide a medical examination report every five years to renew your driving entitlement.

Existing minibus, bus and lorry drivers

Drivers under 45 years old
If you passed a driving test in one of the categories below, you’ll come under the new rules when you renew your driving licence.

The categories affected are C, CE, C1, C1E, D, DE, D1 or D1E.
When you renew your licence, you’ll receive a licence that is valid for five years. Every time you renew it, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will need you to confirm that you still meet the medical standards.

If you apply to replace your licence because it is lost/stolen, or your personal details have changed, your new licence will run until the end of your original period. However, if you update your photo at the same time, you’ll come under the new five-year rule.

Drivers over 45 years old
Drivers over 45 will continue to renew their entitlement as they do now.
When you renew your licence at the end of a five-year period, you’ll be renewing your driving entitlement. You’ll need to provide a medical examination report.

Form and more details:
Download ‘medical examination report’ – Form D4 (PDF format, 211K)

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