The End of the Paper Driving License – where to go from here

logo_smartlicence_page_headerFrom June 2015, the paper part of your drivers licence is no longer valid.

Essential information was held on the paper license, including points, bans etc.

This information is vital to the Transport Manager, to be able to know who is entitled to drive the company’s vehicles.

All employers have a duty of care to ensure any employee that is required to drive on behalf of the company is correctly licensed and entitled to drive.

MORE? » SmartLicence is a licence checking system that runs with SmartAnalysis.

A visual driving licence check once a year is not enough. Things can change very quickly and licence details should be verified with DVLA at least twice a year.

On high risk drivers, you can have an update every month.

According to statistics from DVLA:

  • 22% of drivers are using out of date documents
  • 1 million drivers in the UK are just 3 points away from a disqualification
  • Around 250,000 drivers are disqualified every year.

SmartLicence is a comprehensive online tool for managing driving licences and verifying the licence details with the DVLA. SmartLicence allows you to assess the risk of licensed drivers and conduct regular checks with the DVLA in accordance with that risk. SmartLicence provides a historical log of checks and any changes to the licence details demonstrating to the authorities that you have systems and processes in place to ensure staff are licensed to drive. As with Smartanalysis your data is secure, managed in accordance with ISO27001, backed up and always available wherever you have internet access.

Once set up the licence checks happen in the background. You will receive a report indicating which licences are due for a check and an opportunity to remove them so that you do not pay for drivers that no longer work for your organisation. SmartLicence also uses SmartAlerts to send you an automatic email alerts for issues that you may wish to take immediate action on.

For more information speak to our technical team at: 01472 210102

Your FREE Guide to Digital Tachographs

bnr-download-guide1Newly Updated …. GB Tachopak have a Free 5 page Guide to Digital Tachographs for you to download RIGHT NOW!! – It is in Adobe PDF format and answers many of your frequently asked questions about Digital Tachographs.

Your Digital Tachograph Questions are Answered

Find out what a Digital Tachograph is/does ~ what type of equipment and documents you need to consider and how to stay compliant with the road laws. Plus, information about and how to download and analyse Tachograph data smart cards.

» DOWNLOAD HERE (read online or download and print for later)
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Smartanalysis: The Analogue & Digital Tachograph Analysis Software


Are you tachograph compliant? Find out how Smartanalysis for Tachograph Charts can help you comply with Driver’s Hours and the Working Time Directive…

What is Smartanalysis?

  • Smartanalysis is the industry-leading tachograph analysis and compliance management software.
  • Smartanalysis is used by many of the UK’s leading transport operators to safeguard compliance with drivers’ hours and working time regulations and much more.
  • Smartanalysis eliminates the burden of managing and controlling the process for safeguarding your compliance, leaving you with more time to focus on your business.

How Smartanalysis works

Smartanalysis is a cloud based tachograph analysis software service that can be accessed securely wherever you have an internet connection. (FREE REGISTRATION HERE)

You send us your tachograph data. We store the data on our secure servers and make the data, analysis, reports and tools available for you to use on the Smartanalysis web site. We have over 100 standard reports for you to choose from and they can be sent to straight to your email whenever you need them.

Get started by creating your Smartanalysis account and we’ll also supply you with Smartanalysis ‘digital downloader’ software to install on a PC in each of your depots. We can also supply you with scanners, smartcard readers and download devices to transfer your analogue and digital tachograph data to Smartanalysis in our shop.

Key facts about Smartanalysis

  • It is used to analyse over 1,300,000 tachograph records every month.
  • It is deployed in over 12,000 locations throughout the UK and Europe by over 20,000 registered users.
  • 6 out of the top 10 road transport companies by turnover (FY 2010) use Smartanalysis.
  • It is suitable for all HGV and PCV fleets – large and small.
  • It provides seamless analysis of both analogue and digital tachograph data.
  • It is cost effective. You only pay for the driver data you submit, no charge for VU downloads.
  • Your data is secure yet accessible any time, any place by authorised members of your staff.
  • Over 100 standard reports are available online or emailed to you.
  • Smartanalysis includes powerful tools to manage your infringements down.
  • It is fully supported and will ensure your compliance now and in the future by accommodating changes in legislation and tachograph hardware.

Smart Analysis: Free Android Apps for Smartphone

Smart Analysis of Tacho’ data gets smarter. According to “Transport Engineer” the Digital Tacho manufacturer, Stoneridge, have released two free Apps to assist transport operators and commercial drivers to monitor their driving. These apps are available to Android Smartphone users.



Duo Mobile App can turn your smartphone into a second Duo display, providing a real-time overview of daily, weekly and monthly drive, break and rest times. Automatic countdowns to break or daily rest periods are aimed at helping drivers to plan their journeys ahead, and Stoneridge believes this facility will make fleets and drivers more efficient.

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SmartLicence Will Help to Keep You Compliant

GB Tachopak’s Smartanalysis service introduces “Smartlicence”

  • A comprehensive online tool for managing driving licences and safeguarding your transport company to comply with the regulations.



SmartLicence helps Operators manage the driving licences of any member of staff driving on behalf of the company. It will help to safeguard compliance with regulations and provides evidence to the authorities that you have effective systems and processes in place to ensure employees are entitled to drive.

SmartLicence is free to use for existing users of Smartanalysis. You only pay for verifying details with DVLA. Tokens can be purchased in advance for the anticipated number of DVLA checks in a year and used when required.

SmartLicence is fully supported and help is available in the SmartLicence User Guide on the Smartanalysis website. Login on their website and look in Help > Support > User Guides.

New Euro “Smart Tachograph” … coming soon?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012 : Euro Ministers have reached a political agreement on the new regulation on the  tachograph used in road transport. The general idea and new draft legislation, which will replace the 1985 tachograph regulation, is aimed at making fraud more difficult and to reduce the administrative burden by making full use of new technologies and introducing a number of new regulatory measures. As regards the use of technology, the current manual recording of the location of the vehicle will be replaced by automated recording through satellite positioning.

The “smart tachograph” will use new satellite-linked technology. It is hoped it will become mandatory probably in 2017 or 2018.

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Digital Tachograph – Rules for drivers and operators

The UK.GOV website is a valuable resource for driving commercially in the UK. It that applies to you, you should visit this site frequently to keep yourself up-to-date on new rules and regulations that may affect your jobs or transport businesses.

This page : is a good starting point for learning about Digital Tachograph usage and it’s legal rules. It includes PDF download guides and vital information on drivers hours, how to record them, store them and the smart analysis of tacho data.

GB Tachopak will be happy to advise you about reading digital tacho data and it’s smart analysis. We also have various digital devices for storing, reading and downloading Digital Tachograph data.

» UK Tachograph Users Blog

Digital Tachograph Card Reader

202 digital tachograph smart card reader
Digital Tachograph Card Reader.

USB Smartcard Reader [Code 202] : Enables you to easily download recorded tacho’ data such as speed, distance and driver activities from any driver card. These driver cards are personal to the driver, and are issued by the local country’s licensing authority (DVLA)

Software [Code 206] is also needed. The reader simply connects to a PC via a USB lead. The data will be is in an un-analysed format. That means these files are not ‘human readable’ as they contain the activity data in a special, tamper-proof, electronic format. The extra SoloPlus software will read, format and report on the saved data.

Tacho Data Analysis

Driver Data Cards MUST be downloaded and saved at least every 28 Days before any data on the card is overwritten. A vehicle operator will want to view and analyse their drivers’ activity to ensure that they are complying with various driving laws such as the Working Time Directive and Driver Hours law.

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Now supplying DigiDown and Smartanalysis products

GB Tachopak are leading suppliers of Smartanalysis

We provide a full range of tacho’ and driver reporting software for both digital and analogue tachograph records. By using the industry leading software and devices you can ensure your transport operation remains legal and compliant.

Digidown and Smartanalysis Products

We can now offer an alternative to uploading data by hand, with the introduction of the Digidown & GO system. A Digidown Bluetooth device linked to a base box in your office will ensure that your digital data is captured and sent to Smartanalysis.

The main advantage is that it relieves the time and pressure on your transport office staff, ensuring that data is always captured on time and uploaded accordingly.

Did you know?
Smartanalysis is used by six out the top ten road transport companies in the UK.

» Get more details on DigiDown sevices, Software and Smartanalysis here.

Logo: Smartanalysis

Key facts about Smartanalysis

  • Smartanalysis is used to analyse over 1,300,000 tachograph records every month.
  • Smartanalysis is deployed in over 12,000 locations throughout the UK and Europe, and has over 20,000 registered users.
  • 6 out of the top 10 road transport companies by turnover (FY 2010) use Smartanalysis for at least part of their operation.
  • Smartanalysis is suitable for all HGV and PCV fleets – large and small.
  • Smartanalysis provides seamless analysis of both analogue and digital tachograph data.
  • It’s cost effective: you only pay for the driver data you submit and there’s no charge for vehicle downloads.
  • Data is secure yet accessible any time, any place by authorised members of your staff.
  • Over 100 standard reports are available online or emailed to you.
  • Smartanalysis includes tools to manage your infringements down.
  • Smartanalysis is fully supported and will ensure your compliance now and in the future by accommodating changes in legislation and tachograph hardware.

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Digital data analysis is the way forward for local Transport Company

Thursday, October 20, 2011 : Grimsby Telegraph

Digital tachograph data analysis is an emerging route for an established south bank business that has supported the UK’s transport industry for more than 30 years.Tachopak Staff (Grimsby Telegraph)

GB Tachopak has established a prominent role in providing vital stationery products to small fleet hauliers and coach operators.

Now, as technology becomes an integral part of the sector, the Humberston business is ensuring it doesn’t get overtaken.

Experienced industry operator Phillip Latta has been brought in as general manager, as husband-and-wife owners Mike and Lesley Bayliss look to take more of a back seat in a business that began as a printing firm producing a handbook for the Road Haulage Association.

Mr Latta, a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport who sits on the organisation’s Humber regional committee, previously worked as North East Lincolnshire Council as part of the fleet strategy team. He has 20 years of experience in the industry and has just completed a degree in logistics management at Grimsby Institute.

He said: “We concentrate on the smaller end of the market and offer a personal service, which we pride ourselves on.”

We like to think we can go the extra mile. We have done the same thing for 30 years, but the industry has evolved now and we are moving into a digital era, where paper is being replaced by e-mails. Paper is a consumable, data isn’t. We act as a bureau where we can download and analyse the data and it works very well.

We are all about understanding and deciphering the data, and presenting it back to the client in a way they can make use of it.

It is not just about compliance, but it could be to help with efficiencies.”

The premier supplier of driver defect report books in the UK, the company also provides tachograph charts and the equipment for fleet operators to manage the digital element themselves, as well as vehicle first aid kits.

Another key service is ensuring their clients stay on the road, providing the latest information when it comes to the law, as well as advising on training requirements.

Next month should see the firm’s Drivers’ Handbook launched, a 96-page publication that the six-strong team at GB Tachopak, based in Wilton Road, is excited about.

Mr Latta said: “It covers legislation, best practice and particular elements such as driving in London, where emissions zones and congestion charges have to be contended with, as well as other controlled zones.

“If you can give advice to drivers it will benefit operators as well. It will make a driver’s life easier. There is a lot of information out there for operators, but we decided drivers needed something, and we are hoping to have it on sale by November 1.”

It has been welcomed by both road safety charity Brake and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport.

(pic) ON THE RIGHT TRACK: GB Tachopak staff:
General manager Phillip Latta, right, with, from left, Anne-Marie Archer, Mike Bayliss, Karen Watford, Lesley Bayliss and Brenda Evison. Picture: Michelle Adamson