Digital Tachograph Guide for UK Transporters

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This is a general easy-to-read overview about digital tachos.

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The Law: A General Digital Tachograph Guide and Requirements

The main reasons for fitting and using a tachograph system in public and commercial vehicles is to record and monitor drivers’ hours (driving time). This is both UK and European law, (The Working Time Directive) brought about due poor transport management, overuse of vehicles, neglected maintenance and in particular exploiting driving times  (too long hours at the wheel).

Previous bad practises had resulted in far too many preventable accidents, low standards and employee exploitation. The laws were introduced to protect the driver and operators, improve road safety and prevent dangerous accidents.

So regulation of commercial transport should be viewed as a win-win in terms of standards and safety on our roads.

But with it means a whole raft of new knowledge, driver and operator training, devices, records and of course policing / official monitoring. The Digital Tachograph is part of that jigsaw.