CMR Consignments Note for International Haulage

948 CMR Consignments NotesInternational Haulage : Road Consignment Notes
(also known as CMR Consignment Notes)

According to the UK Government website:
If you use a provider to transport goods internationally by road, there is a standard contract you should use. This is a road consignment note – known as the CMR consignment note – which confirms that the haulage company has received the goods and has a contract from the supplier to carry them.

On all international journeys – ie other than between the UK and the Republic of Ireland – a haulier must have a CMR note if carrying goods on a commercial basis.

Completing a CMR note

The CMR note can be filled out by the company sending the goods abroad, the haulier or by a freight forwarder, but must contain prescribed information.

You will need three copies of a CMR note, including one:

  1. for the supplier of the goods
  2. for the eventual customer
  3. to accompany the goods while they are being transported

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